J-Link on MAC
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  1. Install Homebrew: http://brew.sh Homebrew is a package manager for OS X. It is recommended you installed it anyway.
  2. Download Segger J-Link software, and install the pack.
  3. Connect your J-Link to computer, and the target board/chip.Find your installation path ~/Seggar/JLink/, and run ./JLinkExe
  4. After JLink> command prompts appear, you can start to use JLink commands.

Popular JLink commands: device - select a device **if **- select interface, SWD or JTAG speed - interface comm rate, 4000Hz default loadfile - flash the bin/hex file into target r - reset target q - quit JLink command line

For a full reference of JLink commands, please check : https://www.segger.com/admin/uploads/productDocs/UM08001_JLink.pdf

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w4 4001e504 2 w4 4001e504 1

Erase flash

halt exec device = nRF51422_xxAA w4 4001E504, 2 w4 4001e50C, 1